Dronepiloten Artikler om droner, simulator og fotos
Artikler om droner, simulator og fotos

Qube drone from AeroVironment

Who is AeroVironment?

I have exclusively been allowed to mention one more drone which would be perfect for the Police & Fire departments, Search & Rescue and many others. Read more.

AeroVironment is the world’s leading supplier of hand-launched UAS for tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), and is developing entirely new UAS solutions designed to provide compelling new advantages to military and non-military customers. AeroVironment developed the first hand-launched unmanned aircraft for military surveillance in 1987. Since that time the company has won every United States Department of Defense competition for small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) programs of record and now provides 85 % of the unmanned aircraft in the Pentagon’s fleet. AeroVironment’s Raven, Puma AE and Wasp AE small UAS support U.S. and allied troops on the frontline, where time is shortest and risk are highest. The company’s small UAS are easy to transport, launch and operate, and can be carried, used and stowed by a single person. Ultimately, the value that AeroVironment’s small UAS delivers a high quality video transmitted wirelessly to the operator to enable them to make better decisions in high-risk situations. The company has delivered more than 27,000 small unmanned aircraft, making in the highest volume manufacturer and leading supplier of small UAS, and its products have demonstrated their reliability and effectiveness in over 1 million flown missions

Welcome to Qube

Qube is the name of the most awesome drone in the world! Qube is the ideal solution for critical missions when responding quickly is essential to saving lives and protecting property: Police and Fire departments • Search and rescue • Standoff or hostage situations • Accident or crime-scene investigations and documentation • Hot spot detection

My Q&A with Aerovironment

What kind of camera is built into Qube? Does it have thermal – so it’s possible to fly night time?
Qube has a high performance dual Electro-Optical (daylight) and LongWave Infra-Red (LWIR) thermal camera.  This enables day and night operations (depending on flight authorization for night operations).  The 5 mega-pixel camera has four zoom levels and provides frame to frame digital stabilization.  Besides real-time video, the operator can task the camera to provide high resolution snap-shots.  The thermal camera provides 640X480 images and has three levels of zoom.

There is a very high level of reliability and image transmission from the drone?
Qube utilizes a commercial variation of our secure data-link technology that ensures high reliability of image transmission capability.  The electronics are based on our military systems for high reliability and availability over severe temperature extremes.

Qube is easy to pack up, move out and apply quickly?
Qube set up takes only a couple minutes from start to fully operational flight. GPS acquisition can be the gating factor. The assembly does not require tools and the system is packaged for compact transport of the aircraft and control system in two cases. An alternate configuration that is even more compact is planned for future versions if transport volume is a key requirement.

The remote control/display is controlled by touch screen – how come that technology?
Qube is designed for ease of use and minimal training. The simplified (compared to competitive “joystick” control) is enabled due to the automated flight control systems on the platform. The touch screen permits operators to click the screen to center the camera image at that location. Then the vehicle is maneuvered around while the camera automatically holds the observation point within view. This touchscreen interface allows for very intuitive control of the vehicle and click to look at controls. The included software permits preplanning for the expected mission as well are revisions based on real-time observations.

I assume there is built a much more advanced and secured software system to operate the drone, than the hobby drones which can be bought everywhere?
Correct assumption. The Qube, as part of the AeroVironment family of UAS platforms, has leveraged our experience with over 20 years of development experience. The differences from “hobby drones” can be subtle in normal, close-in operation but are highlighted in our testing, robust status monitoring, responses to loss of link and general RF link monitoring and design. Our digital link is encrypted.

Qube can fly for 40 minutes which is much more than any drones on the market can do, which does it very effective than the normal 15-20 minutes flight time. How long does it take to charge a battery?
The Qube design helps integrate the structural design of the vehicle with the battery thereby saving overall weight and leaving more room for additional batteries. Even with that the battery charge time is typically one-hour, although final balancing for a topped off battery can increase the charge time to 1.5 hours. Near continuous operation is possible with three sets of batteries.

Credit: Aerovironment
Credit: Aerovironment


Why Qube stands apart

Loss of link return home, low battery automatic recovery, altitude and range limits, built-in-test, automated preflight. System can be expanded with additional payloads for Hazmat, radiation, biochemical etc.

Powerful Moving Target Indicicator (MTI) software automatically detects moving targets on the ground and provides location coordinates back to the operator.

Secure communications – AeroVironment developed the Digital Data Link (DDL) specifically for UAS to optimize latency and bandwidth usage and to maximize link robustness and signal integrity. The ultra-compact, lightweight Pocket DLL provides dismounted ground troops direct access to real-time video downlink images and geodata from any DDL equipped platform.

Credit: Aerovironment
Credit: Aerovironment

More information about AeroVironment is available at http://www.avinc.com

For further information in Denmark, please contact directly:

Sankt Annæ Plads 11, DK-1250 Copenhagen K
Telephone: +45 20663660
Email: info@glaucus.dk

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