Dronepiloten Artikler om droner, simulator og fotos
Artikler om droner, simulator og fotos
Splash Drone

Splash Drone

With the Splash Drone you can fly everywhere and in all kinds of weather. The Splash Drone is waterproof!

Splash Drone

Enjoy real flying experience with the GoPro camera as your eye (FPV Feature). With the latest design of Payload Release Mechanism, it can carry objects up to 1 kilo and drop it exactly where you want. With waterproof gimbal it makes aerial filming so easy, and it also looses the fear of landing on the water.

Splash Drone


Payload release mechanism: Capable of dropping a two-pound payload at the flip of a switch.

Waterproof Camera Gimbal: This 2axis waterproof gimbal allows the pilot to tilt the GoPro camera in the air and loose the fear of landing on water, while getting live video feed back.

Emergency LED flare: Can hover a flare light 300 feet in the air for up to 15 minutes. This is a huge improvement on traditional emergency flares that only last about a few seconds in the air.

Lifesaver delivery: Splash Drone can delivery an automatically inflating life preserver to a swimmer in trouble in seconds.

Integrated video transmitter: Can transmit a clear video signal for up to 2 mile.

Return Home: The Splash Drone will automatically return to its take off position if 
the radio contact is lost.

Telemetry flight control and remote control system: Telemetry at the palm of your hands showing you its location, altitude, distance and battery status


splash drone app

The waterproof feature can make the Splash Drone fly in different complex environments:

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